• The Prosperity Collection

    The Prosperity Collection has been profiled in many print publications over the years, such as Millionaire Asia, Wine & Dine, and Prestige Magazine Asia, to name a few. Katrina’s work has been sought after around the world for its stunning depictions of Koi fish captured in modern settings to suit many designer homes. She is also known as the creator of the Lux stationery and gift brand, Arty Hearts, which has been featured in many Australian publications and in digital media around the world.

    The Prosperity Collection is a stunning body of work that captures the imagination in its meticulous attention to detail and modern yet timeless colour palette.

    Working with the external natural elements in her paintings, Katrina makes use of Feng Shui elements and natural lighting to give each piece a sense of calm, balance and movement. Each piece seems to come alive on the wall when the day moves from light to dark and under the spotlight. Often captured in harmony, the subjects seem to move effortlessly across the canvas often depicted in numbers of eight and nine, and even on the larger scale feature pieces, always tally down to these numbers.

    The artist believes in also working with the flow and movement of water and the principle of bringing nature into her work to work with the design elements of a space, to encourage prosperity in all areas of life.


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