Gallery Brief: Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery

Client was searching for a feature piece for their home that incorporated the Feng Shui elements in their interior architecture.

Palette: Burnt and raw umber, ochre, metallics, creme, biscuit, taupe and Earth tones.

I incorporated colours from the kitchen/living room accent pieces into my palette to soften the aesthetic of the room and draw the room together to give the space a warm feel.  The feature piece had to stand out but also feel soft and ethereal giving the viewer a relaxing energy for the family.  I also chose to bring the outside elements into the piece drawing from the stone and pebble areas in the courtyards and pool area as well as the colour tones of the bamboo.

The overall final energy of the living space was one of calm, yet the feature piece created a striking look against the interiors as you walked through from the entrance to the main space.  It complimented the architectural design both inside and out to enhance the space without interrupting the flow.

Black Koi: Private Client

Client Brief: Client wanted a bold feature piece to enhance her creative space. This space was her retreat so she wanted something that was both calming with a good flow and energy, yet bold to stand out against the piano.

The client chose the black background and wanted the burnt orange tones as well as reds, crimsons and whites in the piece. It was also inlaid with varying sizes of glass beads to create the illusion of moving water when the viewer moves past it or external light catches it.